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2.5yr old sudden constant cough. Should I be worried?

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Kissmybooty Sun 13-Sep-09 15:44:40

DS started to look a little poorly 2 days ofter playgroup. Started coughing but acting as normal otherwise. Phoned the DR on Friday for an appointment but can't get an appointment until Thursday angryand then it would only be with a Nurse. They said to phone on Monday if it has got worse and it has. He has an awful snotty nose which he has had from the onset. He has had little sleep the past 4 days. This morning he more or less coughed non stop for 3o minutes making him breathless, this put my instincts on alert. He has rubbed nose to eyes and has slightly weeping eyes now. His eyes have that glazed look but still he is chirpy and playing but you can hear he can't breath properly. Should I be worried? This will be my first time with any Dr from this surgery. Can I demand an appointment the same day?

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