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HELP! Unexplained early a.m. vomiting - 8yr old DS

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Solo2 Sun 13-Sep-09 07:36:44

I'm at my wit's end with recurrent v early a.m. vomiting in one of my 8 yr old twins. It's happening about once every 4 to 11 days and he's basically completely fine and normal once he's vomited. he has NO other symptoms (no temp., headache, tummy ache) and although I've 'tried' to find a psychological reason, there's no consistency really with when he'll vomit again.

He saw a NHS Consultant back in the early summer, as he'd had similar symptoms but with a headache too (his twin had the headache, early a.m. with no vomiting!). Both boys were deemed totally fine and we had a 'break from symptoms. But in the last month, the one I'm concerned about has had three more episodes. He has a lifelong history of vomiting easily, for loads of reasons (any virus, bad cold, seeing someone's runny nose, imagining eating insects, getting too hot etc etc) but this early morning vomiting is new. It seems that he gets overwhelmed with nausea by about 5am to 6am and then just can't help the vomiting (not of food but just like saliva really).

I'm wondering if it's related to oesophageal reflux, just cos I've read about this on the internet. I'm reluctant to return to the GP, as DS (and twin) already went through the whole gamut of referally to a consultant and is supposedly fine. So that's why I'm posting here, in the hopes that someone out there might have experience of this or suggestions?

BTW, I also can't make any connection bewteen what he eats and the vomiting, so don't think it's that. Yet another sunday 'lie-in' (albeit only till 7am if I were lucky!) has been ruined. The only other thing to add is that I can sometimes predict all is not well, the day before, if he is more kind of hyper/ misbehaved that day - but as this can happen when he's then NOT sick, I'm not sure that's connected either.

Please can anyone suggest anything? (PS I'm a single mum too)

Furball Sun 13-Sep-09 07:41:34

I suffered similar and it took me yeeeaarrs to work out:-

If you don't poo on a regular basis, it's got to come out some way???

I used to wake on the early hours with 'this feeling' and knew I could be sick then be right as rain again afterwards.

I now have 'recitified' the situation by being 'regular'

Could it be that? It does sound very similar.

purepurple Sun 13-Sep-09 07:43:49

Poor thing. Do you think he could be hungry? Is it worth giving him a bowl of cereal or a bit of toast before bed?

MegGriffin Sun 13-Sep-09 15:59:28

Sounds horrible for him. Could it be mucus dripping down his throat? It's rotton when things like this happening and you dont know why.

foxinsocks Sun 13-Sep-09 16:03:47

I get reflux and do get bouts like this

first of all, make sure he doesn't eat too much late in the evening (including filling himself with drinks or milk - anything that is filling his stomach up)

make his lunch a bigger meal then make sure he has an earlyish supper (or at least an hour or so before bed time)

I used to think the mucus was post nasal drip (as I have dodgy sinuses) but that is what your stomach stuff coming up does too apparently

dd gets a bit like this and I'm considering taking her to the Gp to get some reflux meds. You can take them before bed.

(did they rule out migraines?)

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