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tell me Im worrying for no reason please.....

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newweddingname Fri 11-Sep-09 18:48:31

My dd has not been well since monday. High temp sleeping lots runny poos. Took her to GP, said she had a virus, ok.

She seemed bit brighter but off her food, she usually likes cleaning her teeth but has refused since monday and I havent forced the issue tbh, anyway this am when I got her up there was crusted blood around her mouth and blood on the cot sheet. Three times today I have noticed blood in her mouth, I pinned her down and had a good luck and her gums were bleeding.

She has been refusing food, just eating youghurts and weetabix and custard.

Took her back to GP this evening who was lovely and reassuring said I needed to take her to dentist monday or tuesday as it prob teething or some gum inflammation but he wanted to see me next week and made me an app.

I said well Ill cancel it if all ok at dentist, he ummed and ahhed and said he would like me to keep app so he can check if all ok, that got my worry radar up and asked more questions he said he was super cautious with kids and one of the things it could be was leukemia so she may need a blood test to rule that out.

I obviuosly feel very worried, she has no other symptoms apart from being ill this week, she is pale but so am I. He was very kind and said its not likely to be that but I feel worried...... what do you think, anyone had similar experience?

shootfromthehip Fri 11-Sep-09 18:51:35

No experience of this but I'm sure if the GP thought that your LO had luekemia then he would have been rushing you to a specialist. I could be wrong and I know it's ridiculous for me to tell you not to worry but hopefully someone will come along soon that can help more.

Take care and keep us informed x

newweddingname Fri 11-Sep-09 19:09:44

yes thanks, my friend has just said the same thing, he wouldnt just leave it would he, if he thought she was that sick, he would do something about it.

I knwo I just need to stop worrying and relax about it, how do I do that, maybe a large glass of wine!

onetiredmummy Fri 11-Sep-09 20:22:05

No similar experience but its normal to worry about your child.

If the gp was worried, if there was the slightest inkling of leukemia he would not have told you to go to a dentist.

Try not to worry & I hope the wine has helped wink

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