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Molar misery - how long 'til the worst is over?

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Montifer Wed 09-Sep-09 21:21:00

DS (15 months) has his 1st molars coming through. The 1st one took 4 days from the tips breaking through until the whole tooth appeared and now the one on the other side seems to be appearing.

He is distractable during the day but has woken at around 1am every night for the last week or so and takes 2-3 hours to settle again - am very glad to still be bf as that seems to soothe him.

Most nights I've resorted to a 5ml dose of Calpol - I know this is less than the daily max dose but wondered if it is OK to be having a small amount each day for longer than a week (or 2).
Paracetamol seems to give him more relief than ibuprofen.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

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