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possible sight problems with DS3 15 weeks old

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mel1981 Wed 09-Sep-09 14:20:29

Ive had issues since DS3 was born but put it down to me being over protective. Since he was born I had a strong feeling something wasnt right he went cross eyed alot -since been improving though, sleeps with his eyes open, compared to my other 2 boys he took longer to smile (he smiled about 10 weeks whereas my other 2 were quite early about 4-5weeks), he seems to look past or over me rather than at me and he doesnt 'look' at me or follow objects.
I mentioned it at 8 week check and was told due to developement, etc its hard to tell which is understandable.
I spoe to Hv tues for my PND check and she said if im still worried ring DR i said i'd leave it a while to see how things go. The next day she rung me & had made an app with DR! I went and told her my issues and she tried to get him to focus on a bright object & light and he wouldnt. She told me to wait another week or two - again due to developement and if she referred me the hospital would probably tell me the same anyway. But to try to get him to focus on something and follow it.
Ive been trying with no luck still...If anything its not eased my mind at all its made me think that maybe the time I thought he was looking a me was because of noise, etc.
It seems he might be following objects/people that are further away but doesnt notice close up.
Any ideas what it could be? Just slow developement?
This is gonna be a long few weeks if he doesnt focus on something.

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