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21 month old smelly urine

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nellynaemates Wed 09-Sep-09 08:35:43

Not particularly worried, just thought I'd put this out there in case anyone could enlighten me!

I had to leave work yesterday to pick 21 month old son up from nursery, he had a temp of about 39 and was really lethargic and wouldn't eat. He basically slept for most of the day yesterday, he managed to eat some custard and a wee bit of toast and drunk a reasonable amount of water.

I always give him a cup of water into his cot with him and this morning it was almost finished so he's also drunk overnight. This morning when I took his nappy off there was a really weird smell (just pee) and it wasn't a strong urine smell, it's different.

Any ideas what it could be? He said poo-poo sore (he often says poo-poo instead of pee-pee though) so I asked him if his bottom was sore – yes – if his willy was sore – yes! But he does like saying yes. Basically he's not the most reliable witness He seems a lot better today (appetite back etc.) but I'm keeping him off nursery to allow him to recover.

Could it be a UTI or something?

campion Wed 09-Sep-09 17:36:53

It could be something along those lines, if not an infection. Boys can get them too. DS1 had this problem periodically from about 3 to 8 - even ended up in hospital once with stubborn high temperature. Ultrasound of kidneys showed nothing ( apart from kidneys!) and he just 'grew out of it' though had quite a few antibiotics along the way.

There was never a definitive diagnosis and no obvious cause. Maybe speak to your doctor?

alypaly Wed 09-Sep-09 19:47:25

sounds like a urine infection,keep your eye on it as they often need antibiotics

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