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Bicarb of soda to help treat chicken pox?

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BubbaAndBump Tue 08-Sep-09 18:09:56

Anyone heard of it or is it an old wives' tale? Any other suggestions for helping the spots heal/scab over quicker?

EleanoraBuntingCupcake Tue 08-Sep-09 18:11:12

if you whack a lot of it in the bath it eases the itching

frakkinpannikin Tue 08-Sep-09 18:11:48

I swear by calamine but it really does help with the itching in the bath.

KembleTwins Tue 08-Sep-09 18:11:53

Can be soothing if you put it in a warm bath. Oatmeal in a sock in the bath is even better for soothing.

Once the scabs start coming, try E45 or other moisturiser - much better than calamine lotion, as it will stop scabs being so itchy.

BubbaAndBump Tue 08-Sep-09 18:14:51

Speedy responses, thank you . Porridge and bicarb it is then! Any ideas on quantities on bicarb?

Fluffypoms Tue 08-Sep-09 18:22:31

calamine lotion,porridge oats in a old pair tights to put in bath water, and piraton for the itching...

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