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Reflux? Or a bug or something else?

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Rhian82 Tue 08-Sep-09 09:26:27

DS (10 months old) isn't normally a sicky baby at all. But last Weds, then on Sat, Sun and yesterday, he's thrown up all the contents of his stomach, always right after eating.

It's after different things each time (once after a breastfeed) so I don't think it's an intolerance - and it's all stuff he's eaten lots before. It seems weird to be a bug, as it's only been once each day and he hasn't had any diarrhea (sp?).

GP and HV mentioned reflux, but the HV said it was something that would affect more younger babies and he would be more likely to be growing out of it by now, rather than it suddenly manifesting itself.

He has a bit of an appetite, less after he's been sick though, and he's napping a lot more than normal. Any ideas?

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