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school tomorrow and DD has blisters and cant walk - help!

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pickyvic Mon 07-Sep-09 21:18:11

DD (12) went ice skating last tuesday with a friend for her friends birthday (so a week ago now) and got the most horrific blisters from the skates, ive no idea why she didnt stop when she realised, but she didnt, she said she didnt want to spoil it for her friend!!! i put some plasters on them but thought that theyd be best left to the air to heal, but theyve not.

she is back to school tomorrow, and none of her shoes are comfortable to wear, ive now put some scholl blister plasters on the blisters but they are still red raw and weepy and she chose tonight to tell me she cant get any shoes on. ive tried her new school shoes, her old ones, plimsolls, she cant walk in anything.(really peed off as i still get her shoes from clarks so she doesnt get blisters or damaged feet! oh the irony) what can i do? (besides chop her flipping feet off!) she is in tears and im supposed to magically find a cure...any ideas folks?

MissisBoot Mon 07-Sep-09 21:20:48

Could she not just wear flipflops and you send a note in to the school?

janeite Mon 07-Sep-09 21:22:58

What has she been wearing since iceskating? Can't she just wear those, with a note? Or has she not been out for a week?

pickyvic Mon 07-Sep-09 21:54:29

she has just been kicking about in flip flops, dont see how theyd be safe to wear for school though. she is in floods of tears, she really wants to go, she starts year 8 tomorrow. ive got her to bed, said that maybe the blister plasters will have started to work by tomorrow, why do they leave everything till last minute? i had no idea how bad they were because she has just lived in flip flops.

pickyvic Mon 07-Sep-09 21:57:39

and she is doing my head in....

am trying to be patient but ive not got a magic wand.

as i see it she has 2 options, go in and hobble or stay home.
she wants to go in but is limping even in soft plimsolls.

im trying to squash the urge to keep asking why on earth she carried on skating while her ankles were getting rubbed raw. (as its not helping!)

danthe4th Mon 07-Sep-09 21:58:53

Just send her in socks or if she wears tights put some sports socks on as well, cover the blisters with plasters and send her to school, tell her to take her shoes off when shes at her desk, give her calpol and sympathy before she goes, she'll be fine.

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