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Bumpy eye!

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Kathrina Mon 07-Sep-09 15:23:55

In April i found a lump near my DD eye she is 3 it is between the bridge of her nose and just above her tear duct. It is the size of a pea. It was purple at first and i just thought she had been scratching her eye and prodded herself. I gave it a week but still it was there. I took her to see the health visitor she said it looked like nothing and if it was not bothering her just leave to go down!

Well it did go down for a while but in June it came back up so i took her to see my GP who said it was an eye infection there was no redness or discharge!

The anti-biotics did nothing so i took her back 2 weeks later. She has now been referred to an eye specialist but i am so worried all sorts of things keep going through my mind.

We call it her bumpy eye and ask her where it is and most of the time she points to the wrong eye so i know it is not bothering her but does anyone else know what it could be??? Thanks

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