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DS2 is not well, he keeps being sick and has now got a temp.

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TheLadyEvenstar Mon 07-Sep-09 06:35:14

He is 23m old and we got back from a few days away yesterday. He was fine and then was in the hallway playing with ds1, came in to me hugged me walked across the room and vomitted. he then vomitted 5 times after, again in the night and has been retching (sp) again this morning. He has a temp as well but i can't get calpol into him all he is asking for is juice which is very unusual for him as he never drinks it. He is a real milk monster.

I am worried because he managed to get the ace down yesterday and tipped it all over the floor so now i am worried he has swallowed some. I did have it out of his reach but he is a climber and when he was playing moved toys to reach the shelf. am now moving it all to a lockable cupboard.

I have given him milk which promptly curdled and he brought it up again, I am giving him juice as he asks for it.

Any Ideas?

FlamingoBingo Mon 07-Sep-09 09:20:08

If you're worried he's drunk something that is making him ill, then take him to A&E asap.

If you think it's just an illness, then just make sure he has sips of juice or water regularly and love him through it.

You don't need to worry about a temp unless it's scarily high - it'll be helping him fight whatever it is.

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