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DD has a tummy bug, when to worry?

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CharCharGabor Sun 06-Sep-09 09:59:51

DD is 2.1, has been off her food for a few days and had diarrhoea yesterday morning. This morning he vomited on waking and as had diarrhoea 4 times in 2 hours. No more for just under an hour. She is potty trained but I have put her back in a nappy as she was getting upset. Is that the right thing to do?

Am trying to get as much fluids down her as possible but she doesn't want to drink much. She's still bf and normally I would just feed feed feed but I'm pregnant and my milk supply has dropped drastically so I don't have that as backup. Am encouraging her to drink water but she's only having sips at most. She has had an ice pop as well.

When should I worry? She's just lying on the couch, not playing or anything but she's not lethargic or floppy. She is still happy and engaging with me, eyes and tongue still wet. TIA.

lost4words Sun 06-Sep-09 12:53:05

the time to worry is if she can't even keep sips of water down. Should be ok to put her back in nappies for now, just reassure her that there's nothing bad about it if that panics her. My DD had a bug just after she'd got rid of nighttime nappies and messed up her bed - she was beside herself thinking that she'd been bad.

If she seems otherwise ok, I'd just leave your DD on the couch for now and let her have tiny sips of water. The ice pops should be ok, too - at least they're nicer tasting than water! Maybe ring GP surgery tomorrow if she's still the same? They can probably give you advice over the phone

CharCharGabor Sun 06-Sep-09 14:34:04

Thanks smile just seen this. She's not been sick since this morning which is good. She had perked up a bit but is asleep now. She's drank some more water so hopefully there won't be a problem. I put her in a nappy for a while but she took it off when she wanted the potty so was probably pointless smile

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