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Precocious Puberty: Has anyone got experience/advice?

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PatienceRequired Fri 04-Sep-09 10:35:36

Hi All,
My dd1 is 6.5 years old and has a few signs of precocious puberty. Mature body odour for the last year or so, very tall for her age, currently wearing age 9/10 clothing, and in the last month or so has starting developing breasts. Last week she started bleeding only a small amount but bleeding nonetheless. She is also irrationally emotional. Just like a teenager...sad

We are seeing the consultant next week about it, but i was just after some wise words of wisdom about what it is like to live with from anyone who has already been there, done that.

Things like what tests do they do? (I want to prepare her) How did you explain it to your child? How did you get on with the treatment? How did it affect your childs day to day life? Any top tips or dont do's...

Just anything really, feel so alone in this as no-one i know knows anything about it, and i need to be the strong one, and font of all knowledge for my daughter.

Thanks in advance.

moonmother Fri 04-Sep-09 11:16:52

Hi Patience- my DD was tested for this at 7, so know exactly how you are feeling.

My DD's breast started growing, and had the Body Odour, but not the bleeding.

Gp referred us to a endincrinologist (sp) in the childrens dept of the local hopsital.

They give them a full body exam- check breast growth, look for pubic hair, and feel around the pelvis.

The main way they diagnose if extra tests are needed is by x-raying their left hand- this measures their bone age which can be different to actual physical age, and blood tests.

My DD had all this done and Consultant observed her with 6 monthly checks for a year.

By this time DD was coming up for 8 years old, and she was discharged, as they consider girls of 8 years and older 'normal' for starting puberty.

DD is 9 now(10 in March), like your DD is tall for her age (11-12 clothes) and is blossoming rapidly. Her periods haven't started yet though.

One other thing I will mention is PMT grin
DD also has symptoms of this- when I mentioned it to the consultant she okayed me to give her Evening Primrose Oil capsules daily - didn't really help with PMT (not severe) but it did help with DD's breast tenderness.Would be best to check with the Consultant before giving them though.

The only other thing I advise is talk to DD's school- they need to be aware.

My DD's school was great, they offered that she could use the Teachers toilets (as they have sanitary bins) and to use them to get changed for PE etc.

As for what I told DD- I told her all what was happening, and explained in simple terms about Puberty and Periods etc. It seemed to make it less scary for her when she knew what was happening. I also gave her a little purse for her school bag with Panty Liners in, just in case anything happens when she is at school.

I also found a downloadable leaflet had great info when I was scouring the net looking for info

click on the link on the right

and here

has good info too.

Hopefully the Consultant will be able to help more- but I know how scary it is when you first hear about Precocious Puberty, and how it will affect your DD.

Good Luck

kreecherlivesupstairs Fri 04-Sep-09 11:40:19

You wrote it all much better than I could moonmother. My sister's eldest had a precocious puberty, she started her periods at eight though. She's fine now aged 21, but did have an ovary removed around 3 years ago due to a tooth and hair growing tumour. Can't remember the name of it, they are common and consultant said it was nothing to do with the PP.

PatienceRequired Fri 04-Sep-09 12:07:55

Hi Moon Mother, thank you so much for your post and sharing your experiences. I am sorry that you and your dd have had to deal with this too.
I assume from your post that your dd was not treated for the condition?

I had a look at the CGF link and it is really useful, thank you. That one didn't come up when i did an internet search. But it is the most detailed info i have read so far. Relieved to read that it shouldn't affect her fertility in years to come, as i think she will definetly be someone who wants to have children.

Great advice too about being open with the school, she dosen't start back untill Monday and i will let them know what has been going on. I can only imagine that if she uses the teachers toilet it would make her feel even more different. Must remember to add deodorant to her pe kit. And some pads to book bag.

I have told my DD that what is happening is all normal but too early and that is why we were going to the drs. When she bled last week and i had to explain what periods were all about, in terms she could understand, she just said "but i don't want babies yet"

That night i helped her brush her teeth, tucked her into bed with her teddy, read her a story, and kissed her goodnight. Normal for that age, but she was wearing a pad on her pants, it just seemed sooo wrong. Poor girl.
dreading her getting a period at school on pe or swimming day.....

So many worries but i know its nothing compared to what so many parents and children go through as its not life threatening or anything...but its still not nice.

Anyone else got anyting to share, it will be most appreciated.

PatienceRequired Fri 04-Sep-09 12:09:22

Cross posted Kreecher, but thanks for your post too. Its good to hear that girls come out the other side of teenage years, without any problems due to PP.

moonmother Fri 04-Sep-09 12:34:16

Patience- No my DD wasn't treated for anything- her x-ray was 'normal' and blood tests were fine. The Consultant said that she was developing early, but not unduly early- as I said before over the age of 8 is now considered normal- a scary thought in my opinion !

She developed quicker since shes reached 9 and to be honest I'm fully prepared for her to be getting periods at any time now.

Shes already wearing bra's - only 30AA's but she asked if she could as she felt dd wearing little girl vests when her breasts are growing.

Also she's developing womanly curves- she's been worried as shes getting abit of as tummy (shes like a stringbean)- I've just expained that as you go through puberty you put a little abit of 'fat' on around your middle to protect your reproductive organs.
It's abit concerning though girls can be cruel as they're growing up and if your a bit different it stands out.Luckily she has a great bunch of friends so hopefully that will help.

Luckily DD has discovered a love of soaking and wallowing in baths,lol, I have to remind her everyday to put Deoderant on, and also have put one in her PE bag. Her hair gets very greasy though, and she gets the odd spot too. So we've put together a 'beauty' routine for her- I got her some facial wipes and very light moisturiser, and some nice shampoo and conditioner. She has a nice bath before Dinner every day, with lots of bubbles etc .

It's in someways sad that we're having to deal with all these things earlier than expected- I expected around 11/12 not 8/9. I try to make the personal hygiene etc fun, and she's been giving out tips to her friends , some of whom are asking their Mums for skincare bits.

It can be hard but you are able to find a balance between the 'growing up too early bits' and the normal age related things. The most important thing is making them feel that its ok and nothing to feel upset/embarrassed about.

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