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12 week old very painful wind- please help!!

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ktlou82 Thu 03-Sep-09 11:15:17

I have recently stopped breastfeeding and am now using Cow and Gate and since the switch over my 12 week old is suffering from really painful wind. This is mainly in the night and he will wake up screaming and tensed up and its really hard to get him back to sleep. Every time he farts he screams even more. I always make sure I wind him well after every feed and am using gripe water but this doesn't seem to be doing anything. I've tried doing cycling motions with his legs but this doesn't seem to be helping. Hes pooing at least twice a day so isn't constipated. Any advice would be much appreciated!!

carrie1985 Thu 03-Sep-09 13:43:06

infacol is fantastic and worked pretty much instantly for me. Iwas told to use this by HV. Its cheap and easy to use

McSnail Thu 03-Sep-09 17:14:23

My midwife highly recommended something called Colorynth granules - apparently Boots stock it.

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