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Grommitts and swimming - any advice!

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mummyemily Thu 03-Sep-09 09:39:29

My son just turned 3 had grommitts put in both ears at at the end of May, since then i have not taken him swimming due to the chance of infection, I have ear plugs for the bath - which are terrible and either fall out or do not seal well and he gets huge pressure in the ear, I have started to let him bath without them as he doesnt like getting water in this eyes or ears anyway but his favorite thing swimming is jumping in, he has gone on and on about swimming, do i take the risk of the ear plugs letting water in and not out or do i let him go and take the chance of an infection? I am so divided i want him to have fun swimming but if he cannt jump in it is just doing to cause grieve, what do you think? Am i being irresponsable parent if i let him do what he enjoys someone has suggested cotton wool and vaseline.
I have searched the web and get contractitory information. Any views?

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 03-Sep-09 09:47:32

I'm interested too. DD is a likely recipient of grommetts, her favourite activity in the whole world is swimming. Could you phone the doctor who put them in and ask her advice?

mummyemily Thu 03-Sep-09 09:58:51

they have advised that i use these waxy ear plugs, but they just dont stay in place! I even took them with me when he had his 1st hearing test and asked if i was putting them in right (i was)- i always feel as if i must be hurting him to get them to hold, and had an occassion in the bath were one came loose water got in then created a vacume in the ear so really worried about this.

hennipenni Thu 03-Sep-09 12:48:23

DD has had two lots of grommits and swam weekly at the time. We used ear buddies and ear bandit which did the trick. I remember being told that swimming on top of the water is fine but not swimming under water, diving or jumping into deep water as there's a risk of the increased pressure pushing water in through the grommit. We were also told that bubble bath water and shampoo were easier to pass through the grommit than swimming pool water.

belgo Thu 03-Sep-09 12:50:35

My dd1 had gromits 18 months ago. Regularly go swimming, and she dives under water. Never used ear plugs and she's only had one minor ear infection since the gromits were implanted.

mummyemily Thu 03-Sep-09 13:18:47

kreecherlivesupstairs - just read a article from Sussex ENT post operative care they seem to think that swimming is totally acceptable and in most cases of children with grommits shouldnt show any side effects.

mummyemily Thu 03-Sep-09 13:21:20

well rightly or wrongly i have just got back form swimming, took the chance of no ear plugs, he had a wonderful time (he hasnt been in 6 months) no complaints of ear ache whilst there will let you know if anything comes of it

popmum Thu 03-Sep-09 13:23:49

My son had grommits in and we were told swimming was fine, no problems - not to go something like 5 meters deep though (!). Bath time he needed cotton wool with vaseline on to keep the soap out. He had no infections at all the whole time they were in.

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