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Reintroducing dairy after tummy upset

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artifarti Thu 03-Sep-09 07:15:33

DS was sick on Sunday night, was fine on Monday, was off his food on Tuesday and produced an explosive smelly poo after meals (I wouldn't call it full on diarrhoea but the smell alone made it pretty clear that all was not well!) Yesterday he ate some bland food - toast, banana, mashed potato, chicken etc. put the poos were still a bit grim. [TMI anyone?]

He's wolfing back toast today. I think he's actually quite hungry but not too impressed with my bland offerings (he's usually a yoghurt, cheese and curry man). When would you reintroduce more 'normal' food, especially dairy?

sparkle09 Thu 03-Sep-09 11:52:35

i normally reintroduce dairy about 24 hours after any upset tum, and just pray it doesnt come back out, if it does then i wait another 24 hours. x

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