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Snuffly blocked nose

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lostthewill Wed 02-Sep-09 20:55:26


Wondered if anyone has any ideas, ds has had a snuffly nose now for about 3months. No other symptoms but it really bothers him especially at bed time. Will take him to the docs but he always looks a bit hmm if you go without your arm falling off.

Thought it may be hay fever but not sure now. Nothing up the nose as it does clear temporarily after swimming, bath time etc. Could it be from his back teeth coming through?


TOK Wed 02-Sep-09 22:20:36

What age is your ds? My ds went through a long period of snuffliness when his molars were coming through. We found karvol capsules quite useful for nighttime and there is a rub you can put on their chest/back to help. It isn't vaporub- that's too severe I think, the name of it does have snuffle in it, but can't remember it exactly for the life of me. We got it from asda. As a last resort, saline drops in the nose, but I know my ds absolutely hated this! xxx

lostthewill Thu 03-Sep-09 14:14:10

Hi TOK, He is 2 and molars are coming through so that would make sense. I'll pick some up as the vaporiser in his room isn't helping. Not a hope in hell with saline drops

Thanks for your advice x

IsItMeOr Thu 03-Sep-09 14:18:29

Good luck with this. Our 6mo has been snuffly for a few days, and I found Karvol capsules are working well. Glad it isn't just my ds who "resists" the saline drops. DH wasn't sure whether to be concerned when they went in DS's eye instead, and I was wondering about the salt content for the ones he swallowed.

alypaly Thu 03-Sep-09 20:39:43

its snufflebabe...but saline nose drops which are the same ph as the nasal fluid..isotonic really help loosen up mucous and clear it up given 10 mins b4 feeds. They are only £1 from the chemist

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