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Concerned about your childs weight ?

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Concepta Wed 02-Sep-09 19:22:29

Found this link which might help you to know whether or not your child is overweight - you just fill in date of birth, weight, height and it provides you with the information. I was concerned about my daughter who I thought was a bit chubby but I got some reassurance from it. Thought it might be of help to others.

Concepta Wed 02-Sep-09 19:28:58

link not working - will try again[{}]

Concepta Wed 02-Sep-09 19:29:48

sorry can't get the link posted

McDreamy Wed 02-Sep-09 19:32:35

healthy weight calculator

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 03-Sep-09 08:23:42

That's brilliant. She's underweight on the slidy scale thing at the bottom, but healthy according to the top right hand corner. Not sure what the 9th centile is, but she's there.

Concepta Thu 03-Sep-09 10:06:26

Thank you McDreamy for posting the link.

LaDiDaDi Thu 03-Sep-09 10:10:43

That's a really nice link. Dd was on the 73rd centile which is where I expected her to be.

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