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Asthma has come back in 8yr old DD. Seven year cycle theory??

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twirlymum Wed 02-Sep-09 16:45:21

My DD had asthma as a baby, and was hospitalised a couple of times due to it. Spent a year carrying round the inhalers and a huge 'spacer' device. She grew out of it at about 18months.
A couple of weeks ago, she developed a dry cough, and has then been wheezy after exercise (trampoline, cycling etc). The doctor said the asthma is back and I feel really upset about it. I don't want her to have to worry about carrying a pump everywhere etc. Is there any truth in the '7 year cycle' where it disappears for seven years, and then comes back?

carrie1985 Thu 03-Sep-09 03:33:28

i have asthma, and i am a firm believer in it. I was hospitalised regularly as child, then went through a 7 year stint in my teen where i didn't even so much as look at a inhaler. Now i sleep with 1 under my pillow..on the plus side though myself, and others i know who suffer it don't seem to be as bad the second time round..hope this helps

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