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10 month old refusing solids

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wem Wed 02-Sep-09 07:14:31

DD had a sickness bug over the weekend. She's seemed totally over it since yesterday morning, but she's still not at all interested in food. I keep offering her favourites but it all goes straight on the floor. I've been breastfeeding her on demand while she's been ill so I'm not too worried, just wondering if there's something I could offer that she'd go for that I haven't thought of.

What food is good for a delicate stomach?

laneyjay Wed 02-Sep-09 13:10:36

My daughter is always like this after a cold or illness, she is also 10 months. I also end up bf more when she eats less solids but I think this doesn't encourage her to eat as I am filling her up with milk! I always seem to be more successful with trying simple foods like sweet potato mashed or corgette and potato with cheese and she gradually builds up over a few days. I know it's frustrating and my daughter always loses weight. Hope this helps!

wem Wed 02-Sep-09 16:31:50

Thanks laneyjay. I've just been to get her weighed for the first time in 2 and a half months and she's only put on 5oz! Poor little thing sad

I'll try her with a bit of sweet potato.

I'm not sure she's totally over the bug yet as she's been pooing loads today and it's almost entirely liquid, and not at all like when she was exclusively bf.

All a bit worrying, though shall try not to get too stressed if dinner all goes on the floor again...

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