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Help ... Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Stanmore

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Drayford Wed 02-Sep-09 00:20:41

My teenage DS (almost 16 yrs old) has been referred to the RNOHP for intensive physio as an in patient possibly for 3 weeks or so -severe damage to shoulder muscles sustained as a result of a dislocated shoulder (Mnetters with rugby playing sons look away now!). This is not a life endangering condition, but it is a life changing condition for my previously passionately rugby playing very sporty and active DS and we are both feeling the strain.

Any MNetters out there with experience of in patient care at the RNOHS?

I (and DS) are a bit worried as this is his GCSE year - what is the in patient schooling like and what else is there for a 16 yro to do for a few wks of in patient care?

I've no experience of anything quite like this, none of my family or DC have ever required hospital treatment so I am feeling somewhat inadequate and ill prepared and quite worried.


fortyplus Wed 02-Sep-09 00:41:53

You're probably posting at the wrong time of day - it's mostly sleep-deprived mums of babies on after midnight! So bump the post tomorrow but I'll be watching as I have a 14yo rugby player! League rules, fortunately, so non-contact scrums!

Drayford Wed 02-Sep-09 00:47:35

thks fortyplus! Will Bump tomorrow as I'm (unusually for me - particularly as I've spent 3 yrs watching DS play rugby) terribly anxious!

fortyplus Wed 02-Sep-09 00:55:39

Ds2 is the rugby player but ds1 has started getting his kicks in a kayak. So once the shoulder is sorted why not check out a local canoe club? Far more civilised and just as exciting!
If you look at 'Camera2' here: you'll see what ds1 was up to this weekend. In fact he and his coach are the ones tipping over on the thumbnail pic! Luckily their solo runs were a bit more successful! grin

Drayford Wed 02-Sep-09 01:34:01

How cool fortyplus - and much safer & fun IMHO (& photogenic) than rugby!

Sadly DS is forbidden from contact sports (including squash & tennis) rowing of all sorts( which has prevented him from training for DW -Devizes Westminster) swimming, surfing - big groan from DS - cross country running, cycling and upper body gym work. So all of the things he loves. He is, however, learning to shoot right handed (he's left handed) - sorry to the mnetters who hate country sports.

Kayaking is fantastic - DD loves it and has continued to pursue it as she gets older (18 now).

fortyplus Wed 02-Sep-09 01:55:26

What a shame. Some people from ds1's canoe club did DW this year and came 3rd in their class - 23 hrs. I went out with one of them in a K2 racer last night and we had a little paddle while ds1 was helping coach a beginners' group. So we did about 2.5 miles and had a short burst of 'full speed' which was fun. I asked the guy how it compared with their DW speed and he said they did the 1st 35 miles at full speed and then just hoped for the best! OMG I can't imagine how they do it!

charmander Wed 02-Sep-09 07:19:57

My son is an out patient at RNOH at Bolsover Street (the Central London branch).
He has a long term medical condition and has his physio at a local hospital so I can't really help you. Someone I used to work with had a daughter who had operations there though and she was very impressed with the care.

Everyone we have dealt with has been lovely, very helpful and nothing has been too much trouble.

I would speak to his school and see what help they can give you. Do contact the hospital and ask them in advance about your concerns, they will be used to it.

So no help sorry but just wanted to say good luck, it is a first class institution with an internation reputation.

Hope it goes well.

JJ Wed 02-Sep-09 08:25:23

My son was an inpatient at RNOHS last year (he has Perthes disease) and again this past Spring. He was in the private ward which was fine and received great care from the nurses, staff and consultant, of course. The physio he received was good, although physio by nature, I think, is dull and depressing.

The practicalities:
- if you're going to sleep there or think you might, book a guest room:
We booked one but didn't use it (my son had major surgery and we took turns sleeping on the floor in his room while the other watched our younger son). I looked at it and it was small but clean.

- the food for visitors isn't great, it's a small cafeteria with limited hours. Bring something for yourself if you're going to get hungry. I ended up getting stuff for my son from time to time, too.

- the food for patients is hospital food and all that that implies.

- parking is ok, but I tended to get there quite early to relieve my husband (that sounds wrong, eek). If the main lot is full, just follow the road around the back of the hospital and there are more spaces.

I think that's it. My son (11yo) just went through a year and a half of no contact sports with over a year of that not being allowed to run at all. It was tough! Good luck.

Drayford Wed 02-Sep-09 17:01:46

Thanks for the tips! DS will be in the private ward, but as he eats for england I expect we will need to bring food in for him.

We live in the west country so I (or DH)will need to stay overnight most of the time so thanks for the info about the room. As soon as we have his dates I'll book.

I have found out that there are teachers on site, so hopefully that will help.

Milliways Wed 02-Sep-09 18:06:39

My friend has been an inpatient at the Stanmore hospital on several occassions for treatment of his bone cancer.

The staff are fantastic and ir is a real specialist place so your DS will gest the best possible treatment

JJ Wed 02-Sep-09 21:50:32

The teacher my son had was excellent - he was the math teacher. The nurses will probably be able to tell you people's current favourites.

Do call about the rooms the day you know as I think sometimes they get booked up.

Good luck to your son and sorry about his shoulder!

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