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Help - 7 month old with upset stomach - do I stop solids?

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Daffodilly Tue 01-Sep-09 10:06:50

DS is 7 mths - woke this morning with upset tummy (3 nappies in first 45 mins of the day and they are horrible).

He has a bit of a cold, but other than that fine in himself.

Question is do I continue with solids (we started weaning 6 weeks ago and he is on 3 meals a day), or just offer breast until it settles down again? Or offer solids and assume he'll know what he needs??

laneyjay Tue 01-Sep-09 14:18:56

From my own experience, when my daughter has been ill if she doesn't want solids she will only bf and she is now 10 months old. I found in the past that when she stopped eating solids when ill that getting her back to eating reasonable quantity was hard and slow going and she always lost weight. If he will eat it I would continue with solids, probably something quite plain like sweet potato. Just make sure he has a good fluid intake, he will probably bf more than usual. Hope that helps.

Daffodilly Tue 01-Sep-09 17:48:53

Thanks for your reply laneyjay he seems a bit better and ate half his normal lunch and had an extra milk feed to keep his fluids up.

Now having a late nap which I am hoping will help him get through tea! (or could end in disaster this eve at bedtime.....)

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