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17 month old bleeding gums

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letuce28 Sat 29-Aug-09 19:07:51

My 17 month DS is currently teething and having a terrible time of it: high temperature, off his food, clearly in alot of pain. He's got two of his molars and the canines comng through at the same time.

Doctor says hes OK and confirmed its just teething, but I'm really concerned about his swollen gums which bleed quite alot if only gently touched with a toothbrush (and not just around the site of the erupting teeth).

Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice out there - do I need to take him to a dentist in case he has an infection or something?

Many thanks

letuce28 Sun 30-Aug-09 20:30:15

Hi - anyone else experienced this? Just brushed his top teeth (very lightly) and there was alot of blood and he was hysterical. Didnt get to brush any further. He also has terrible smelly breath.

I'm getting really worried - not helped by a bank holiday meaning the dentist / doctors is closed.

Many thanks!

turtle23 Sun 30-Aug-09 20:48:53

My DS gets eruption cysts and hematomas (hideous) when teething and these bleed. Also he nleeds when they are brushed when first coming through. It looks a lot worse than it is and GP and dentists have both said "poor you...but it's normal."
Feel for you, it is horrible, but it will be over soon. x

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