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help me prepare for DS2's elective surgery - he'll be five months

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mrsgboring Tue 25-Aug-09 15:33:22

DS2 is having a cyst removed from his lung by what will hopefully be keyhole surgery.

I am BF and he's just started solids (don't shoot - his weight was catastrophically low and this is working to increase it)

He doesn't do much sleeping on his own so I don't know how I'll feed myself or sleep. Assuming I won't ever get to leave the ward. He's expected to be in about four days-ish

What do I need to know from those who've done it?


TeaMonster Tue 25-Aug-09 15:40:24

I have been in with both my boys and they had a parents room the first time, as it was intensive care and we couldnt sleep in the room. We used this room to change, shower and have an odd nap. Food wise, when DS was asleep, we went to the staff canteen.

With DS1 I had a bed and he had a cot, it was in a speicalist baby and childrens wing in a major hospital. Again we had access to showers and brough food for the first day and ate in the staff retaurant after that.

Feeding wise DS2 only had liquid the day after his operation. DS1 was on a ventilator so was tube fed.

I found the following invaluable

eye mask
cool spray - i got so hot
I slept in joggies and a tshirt
plenty of reading
DS fav teddy or toys

Hope this helps

mrsgboring Tue 25-Aug-09 16:28:06

Thanks TeaMonster that's very helpful.

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