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House of mild ailments post no.2: What next after grommets?

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Badgerqueen Mon 24-Aug-09 19:30:40

DD1 had grommets put in a year and a half ago, and I have previously posted very positively about the effects. However since May this year we have had 4 instances of tonsil infection and one of scarlet fever and one that was possibly swine flu all resulting in her hearing being bad and her being very blocked up. On holiday her ear drum seemed to rupture again (this will be the third or fourth time in her life - the others though happened before the op) and leak. Last trip to Drs she said there was a lot of fluid behind the ear drum again and probably too thick to be let out by the grommet (bleargh).

So what now? They have monitored her every six months and her hearing was bad enough last time that we have to be seen again next week. I know its bad now as she is struggling to pick up the sense of some responses and sounds very adenoidal (though she has no adenoids either as they were removed at in the same op) and she is snoring horribly, but it really worries me that the scar tissue from so many ruptures and the grommet will permanently impair her hearing. What do I ask the consultant to do? No one ever seems keen to clear her ears of wax or whatever else is in there. What can we/the Drs do to improve this situation?

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