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Is this chicken pox or molluscum?

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saladsucks Sun 23-Aug-09 19:56:19

My DD (2.10) was sent home from nursery on Thursday afternoon with a temp of 40 degrees. By the time we got home I noticed that she had some spots, 1 on her arm and 4 on her leg. I called the dr and took her in. He wasn't really sure but thought it was chicken pox. She went to bed on Thursday night with 9 spots.

She had a temp or 40/41 all day friday but no more spots. She wouldn't eat, take medicine or anything. But no other symptons (no cough, cold, runny nose or anything). Woke up on sat with no temp at all, hungry and no more spots. Same today. Some of the spots seems to have a crust on them but 3 or 4 have not.

Is this a very mild case of chicken pox? Or molluscum (which she has had before). But everything I've read does not mention a 2 day high temp that goes with molluscum?

Any ideas?

claricebeansmum Sun 23-Aug-09 20:00:13

Sounds like mild chicken pox to me.

Molluscum has no temperature or other side effects and then spots just sit there and do nothing for days, weeks or years until one day you notice they have gone. Crusting over = chicken pox.

saladsucks Sun 23-Aug-09 20:25:55

Thanks. It's just SO mild I'm doubting she even had it.
I guess the real test will be whether her brother gets it in the next few weeks!

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