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anyones asthmatic dcs more wheezy than usual atm?

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labyrinthine Sat 22-Aug-09 23:17:02

ds has asthma and is quite wheezy this week especially today.Also itchy eyes and nose.
It is probably a virus but wondered if there is a lot of moulds/pollen about atm or if anyone elses dcs with asthma are flared up atm?

Fluffypoms Sun 23-Aug-09 00:28:51

both mine will usually flare up around this time of year.

labyrinthine Sun 23-Aug-09 11:12:18

he got really poorly in the night~is on steroids.

PixieOnaLeaf Sun 23-Aug-09 14:57:08

Message withdrawn

labyrinthine Sun 23-Aug-09 18:54:10

yes,poor thing.
No I didn't call an ambulance ~ though I would have if he hadn't improved when I carried him downstairs at 3.30 am,and got him to cooperate with his volumatic properly.

I stayed up from then with him and he got a bit better and I rang the OOH at 7 or so.

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