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Teething or upset tummy?

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HeadFairy Fri 21-Aug-09 18:30:23

Ds (23 months) has had the runs for a few days now, second bout in a month... normally he's an ok eater. Not brilliant, but when he has an active day, and doesn't eat much lunch he'll tuck away a decent tea, and he usually has a pretty good breakfast as well.

Anyway, he's not really eaten for a couple of days... a mouthful of cereal at breakfast, one tiny quarter of sandwich at lunchtime, and not a mouthful this evening for example. But last night he had tons and tons of milk, kept begging me for more.

I'm assuming it's either a tummy upset or teething, but he doesn't seem in pain (occasionally over the past couple of months he's rubbed the side of his face as though he has toothache, but I can't see any teeth there yet) and he's his usual lively self, not looking ill. How on earth do I decide what he's got? Or do I just ignore it totally and keep offering (and throwing away) food? Do I keep giving him the milk he asks for or refuse to give him any more than his usual bedtime bottle?

HeadFairy Fri 21-Aug-09 19:59:29

Bah! He did it again tonight, absolutely hysterical until he'd had a second 9oz bottle of milk, that's nearly a pint. And yet, no tea! Surely if he had a tummy upset he wouldn't want the milk?

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