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Worried about dd's skin - tans easily, blackish moles

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MrsEricBana Thu 20-Aug-09 12:12:50

Dd ages 6 has always had browner skin than anyone in the family (I have dark hair & would tan easily if I went in the sun, also have lots of moles. Dh has pale skin and his hair was red when younger. He has quite lot of moles too). I cover her in suncream (factor 50+) when it is sunny or if she will be out for some time and weather might change, plus she almost always wears long sleeved tops, we don't go on the beach etc BUT any uncovered skin goes brown immediately and she has quite a lot of moles already. Most are small and innocuous and she has a couple that are 2-3mm across and black - one on wrist (which would see sun) and one on her side which would almost never see the sun. People are always commenting on her "lovely brown face" which I take to reinforce my view that she is unusually brown (partic as I cover her in cream) and also makes me think I don't protect her sufficiently, which I think I do try to do. I know skin cancer is very rare in children so it's not that as such but I am genuniely worried about why she is so brown, new moles all the time, and what it could mean. Thoughts please - I'd be really grateful for any advice. Thanks
(also, I have shown one of the black moles to GP and he said fine, but as was Easter she was not otherwise espec brown at that point)

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