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any paediatricians online?

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cutekids Thu 20-Aug-09 11:58:55

found a lump

MrsBadger Thu 20-Aug-09 12:06:02


on who?

cutekids Thu 20-Aug-09 12:10:31

on my dd1 aged 11's elbow...or very close to it.looks like another elbow.i put AfterBite on it which seemed to relieve the itching but it's still quite sore to touch.doctors won't allow me to make an appointment as it's emergencies only now.really worried

cutekids Thu 20-Aug-09 12:11:39

it's really quite hard aswell

TitsalinaBumsquash Thu 20-Aug-09 12:12:08

I wouldn't worry, lumps can have hundreds of causes. When can you next get a dr's apt?

MrsBadger Thu 20-Aug-09 12:14:43

so it's red and itchy, and AfterBite eased it?

[strokes chin wisely]
this suggests that it's an insect bite then

she'll be fine

use more AfterBite if it starts itching again, or a Piriton (or similar) tablet if you have them in the house may help

do not go to the doctor

cornsillk Thu 20-Aug-09 12:16:46

Are you a paed Mrs Badger? (impressed emoticon)

MrsBadger Thu 20-Aug-09 12:18:18


no, but I am posting from the lab and wearing a white coat if it helps lend weight to my astute scientific observations

cutekids Thu 20-Aug-09 12:19:51

yes but it's not as small as the usual bite and it doesn't appear to have a hole.
it's about the size of a pea or slightly larger;red and sort of white in the middle as though there's fluid in it

cutekids Thu 20-Aug-09 12:21:27

would a pharmacist be able to take a look do you think?

cocolepew Thu 20-Aug-09 12:22:25

this? My mum gets these on her wrist, m friends DD gets them at her elbow.

cornsillk Thu 20-Aug-09 12:23:52

<still impressed>

EccentricaUsesTheDMForBogRoll Thu 20-Aug-09 12:24:53

big insect? like a horesfly bite?

I'd ignore it for a week or so and then think about getting someone to look at it.

However I am a bit harsh.

cutekids Thu 20-Aug-09 12:25:24

not sure....just worried

cutekids Thu 20-Aug-09 12:26:24

i'd completely ignore it if it was me lol
cannot ignore on kids though

PixieOnaLeaf Thu 20-Aug-09 12:44:07

Message withdrawn

MrsBadger Thu 20-Aug-09 13:28:07

it is a bite, I promise

go to pharmacist if it will help reassure you

try not to fuss over dd, she probably barely noticed it and making her panicky about it won't help longtemr smile

cutekids Thu 20-Aug-09 13:47:32

thanks everyone....lumps are scary things aren't they!?!

MrsBadger Thu 20-Aug-09 13:48:48

not when they're insect bites

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