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Bang to the mouth and bleeding gum - will she lose her tooth?

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sybilfaulty Wed 19-Aug-09 15:52:14


My DD1 (age 4.5) had a friend over this morning, who managed to bang her in the mouth with a bucket quite hard. The tooth is still in her mouth and the area aroudn the gum bled for a short while, though there is a small mark left on the gum. At the time I gave her some iced water and made a huge fuss, and she hasn't mentioned it since. She also managed to eat some pasta and a biscuit without complaining.

I appreciate no one has a crystal ball, but do you think the tooth will come out? It doesn't appear loose but it is the front one so if it did it would be really noticeable. I was thinking of taking her to the dentist but the friend's mother said that they can't do anything to save baby teeth and so it would come out or not irrespective of what the dentist did.

I am (disproportionately, I know) upset about this. Can anyone offer any advice?

Many thanks.

sybilfaulty Wed 19-Aug-09 16:00:33

bump (no pun intended)

sybilfaulty Wed 19-Aug-09 17:32:50


MotheringHeights Wed 19-Aug-09 17:35:43

Highly unlikely. Even when teeth are knocked hard enough to wobble, it will usually stablise afterwards.

You are disproportionately upset by this. The only valid advice is to let it go and don't worry.

frumpygrumpy Wed 19-Aug-09 18:23:48

My DT2 (newly 5) took a big whack to the mouth/face a couple of months ago. His face was swollen and his gums were badly swollen. He had x-rays and could only manage yoghurt/soups for a week. His two front teeth are not quite in the position they were and they are slightly discoloured. But they haven't fallen out. Dentist said to watch for an abscess but so far he's fine.

sybilfaulty Wed 19-Aug-09 19:09:48

Thanks for the replies. She is saying it hurts nowm so am treating her very gently. Fingers crossed it stays in.

Thanks again.

dm623 Thu 20-Aug-09 14:01:46

It is natural to worry and get upset when a child is injured. Can I suggest a web site that might help? It's from the Injury Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (where I work), and was designed by docs and psychologists to help families heal physically and deal mentally with an injured kid.

Take good care.

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