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Flexed breech?

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Peaches174 Wed 19-Aug-09 15:16:49

Has anyone had a flexed breech baby? DS has a slight bend to the bottom of his spine which I think is from the breech position he was in from 20 weeks preg until born. When he lays on back he can lie completely straight and does so on his front as well but he has a tendency to swivel his hips so that 1 is higher than the other. He often slumps to the left when in his bouncy chair and he always rolls to one side.

I am toying with idea of going to the doctors to get it checked but wondered if anyone else has advice on whether this is just something that will change as he begins to crawl (he is 21 weeks)?

All the hip xrays came back clear.

Thanks in advance wise mn'ers!

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