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DD poorly and won't eat solids

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plantsitter Tue 18-Aug-09 16:42:48

DD has got either bronchiolitis or a chest infection - confirmed by the emergency GP on Sunday night. She is ok - alert anyway - but her breathing sounds awful, she's got a terrible cough which makes her cry because it hurts and she is not interested in eating any solids. She's 6mo +2 so she's only been eating food for about 3 weeks or so and she is still drinking breast milk (in fact I am offering her milk about every hour to make sure). I guess it doesn't really matter about the solids, but is it actually something I should be (more) worried about?

plantsitter Tue 18-Aug-09 16:43:23

sorry meant to say thanks for replies.

MamaG Tue 18-Aug-09 16:44:33

I would just continue to BF her, and try again with the food when she's completley recovered

My DS2 had similar at taht age and i jsut didn't bother with food for a week or two

plantsitter Tue 18-Aug-09 16:57:59

ok thanks MamaG I won't worry then. It's her first proper illness. It's awful

lynniep Tue 18-Aug-09 17:01:05

No dont worry. Its wonderful that she's still taking milk. She's probably got an awful sore throat with coughing so its no wonder she wont eat.
You may have to start weaning from scratch once she's recovered as they tend to regress after being ill, so just be prepared for that. I hope she feels better soon.

bubblagirl Tue 18-Aug-09 17:13:10

i know it feels awful to not offer food but its not if she is not well then dont give food just keep topped up with milk which is food she wont go hungry and will give signs when wanting food again

even now at 4 i still feel awful not offering food when his ill but i am well reassured he will never starve just some milk and nice cold water would soothe her throat

hope she feels better soon
also prop head of cot if you haven't already opens air waves and may help her bring up anything on her chest when laying down

dikkertjedap Wed 19-Aug-09 12:42:59

Maybe she would like some ice cream? Maybe also Calpol just to help her with the sore throat. Good luck - hope she feels better soon.

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