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Is newborn screening always accurate?

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jennymac Tue 18-Aug-09 13:43:56

Just wondering as have some concerns about my ds who is 18mth. He has always been very chesty and as my sister had cystic fibrosis this has always been a concern for me. For both him and my dd, the newborn screening came back fine so I was reassured at the time. However,as months have gone on with ds always having chest problems or wheezing, my mum suggested that I taste his sweat as cf sufferers tend to have salty sweat. Both dh and I did this last night and he definitely tasted salty and now I am wondering if I should request a sweat test from the doctors. Does anyone have any experience of this? Be grateful for some advice to put my mind at ease.

lal123 Tue 18-Aug-09 13:46:06

sorry no specific advice - but isn't everyone's sweat salty???

lal123 Tue 18-Aug-09 13:47:37

sorry again - have just googles and yes salty skin is a symptom/sing of cf - learn something new everyday. (I'm nto being much help am I?)

MrsBadger Tue 18-Aug-09 13:55:33

have you and DH been screened to see if you are carriers?

PleaseDeleteMeLetmeGo Tue 18-Aug-09 14:03:01

jennymac - I think the newborn screening only detects certain forms of CF. With your sister having it I would ask for a sweat test. It's not invasive and doesn't take very long, you're just going to worry otherwise..

jennymac Tue 18-Aug-09 15:42:51

Thanks everyone. Rational part of me thinks I am worrying over nothing but other part is concerned. DH and I decided not to go for carrier tests before trying for a baby as we thought if we knew for definite that we were carriers we would be extremely worried during pregnancy. I am one of nine kids (only one sister had CF) and none of us have had carrier tests. Definitely noticed difference between ds's skin and dd's skin (and she doesn't have any chest problems).

PixieOnaLeaf Tue 18-Aug-09 19:05:53

Message withdrawn

DesperateHousewifeToo Tue 18-Aug-09 19:30:56

I think it would be perfectly reasonable to ask for another test on your ds.

Hopefully, it will show that he is just one of those 'chesty kids' but, if not, at least he can start treatment asap.

Good luck

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