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face rash on 11mo - xpost in allergies

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ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Mon 17-Aug-09 10:07:47

11mo DS has had nasty red patches on either side of his mouth for several weeks now. He also has a small red patch on his chin on one side, as well as spotty rash under his chin.
Double chin rash is just from dribbling I'm sure, and face rash could be from bottle/dummy+ dribble, but it's weird because it comes and goes randomly. It never actually goes but gets angrier sometimes and seems to spread all round his lips very quickly. This happened last night straight after dinner which is why I am wondering about intolerances - he ate couscous with courgette and tomato.

I've tried anti-b cream from the GP, sudocrem, vaseline and am starting to try vitamin e oil but nothing has made it go away.

I had similar when I was a young teen and it hung around for months. Just red angry skin around my mouth - not sore or itchy or flaky, just red. Could it be eczema? It doesn't look like eczema as I know it

Fluffypoms Mon 17-Aug-09 11:22:01

Both my my DS1 & DS2 have exzema and noticed that certain foods will trigger a rash quickly appearing.

maybe best to keep a diary of the foods that cause the rash and show it to gp so that he/she can determin if it is a allergy or exzema?

Oh and tomato is one of things that set the rash off with my boys.
especially Ketchup! so tend not to let them have it.

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