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Has anyone successfully got rid of Molloscum Contagiosum? Help!

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goreousgirl Sun 16-Aug-09 13:36:26

Both my kids are suffering with Molloscum, and I can't shift it. I've read that it only spreads very rarely, and also that it is contagious - I'm truly muddled as to what I should do. Websites say don't keep them quarantined, because it can last for 2 years - but it looks pretty horrific, and I know I wouldn't be happy if my kids were playing with kids showing symptoms, if THEY didn't already have it.

Any advice PLEASE!

overthemill Sun 16-Aug-09 13:40:37

2 of ours had it and it really wasn't a problem. No one else caught it from them. I remeber it being a bit itchy but that was all. My f-in-law (an old fashioned GP) just said to ignore it and it will eventually go away. It isn' t like chicken pox which is very contagious - i think it's through skin to skin or flannels, towels so if you make sure every one uses their own you should be ok.

Our 2 had to up their sides and up in the arm pit so it wasn't very obvious - no-one ever commented.

I wouldn't worry, honestly!

OhPourLAmourDeDieu Sun 16-Aug-09 17:53:14

My dd (7) is just over it. She had it very bad on her tummy and top of thighs. The trick is to scratch them as soon as they appear so that they bleed and crust over. It goes against all your instincts and dd wasn't convinced for MONTHS. Eventually she did it (it's easiest after a bath), they then crusted over and soon disappeared. It's a skin virus and apparently the immune system kicks in and fights the virus once the tops have come off them. There are various ideas and remedies that people claim to have helped, but most GPs and dermatologists will tell you to leave them alone.

Noone commented on them, because many of the other kids had had them too.

Avoid clothes sharing (dress up etc) and make sure they don't share towels either, apart from that there is little else you can do.

MultiTaskingMum Sun 16-Aug-09 18:20:51

4 out of my 5 have had them and they lasted 1-2years (children aged between 3-8). Quite a lot of school mates have had/got them too. Not convinced about scratching them off as we had one or two nasty bleeds/scabs/scars and sometimes the spots were very itchy. They all disappeared as mysteriously as they came though! Think you just have to wait... Good Luck!

mrsdisorganised Sun 16-Aug-09 18:25:10

My dd's have had/still have them, I would be very wary of scratching them as 2 of my dd's have had to have anti-biotic cream to clear up the infection after they've scratched them (itchy scratching). Came up very red, sore and swollen round the 'spots'. They will disappear and the 18 month time line seems to have worked with dd1 at least!

danthe4th Sun 16-Aug-09 18:28:35

dd age 12 has it on both her knees, she must of had it for 4 years now and no sign of it going, its unsightly and itchy. I came on here hoping for a miracle cure, oh well!!!

thesleepyprincess Tue 18-Aug-09 19:06:01

My daughter had a few spots and the doc diagnosed Molluscum, about a year ago. It may have been coincidence, I have no idea, but I heard from someone that I should try Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream as it contains an ingredient which is also used in anti-wart preparations. I dabbed some on DD's spots and about two weeks later the spots were GONE. Sounds miraculous, and it was...but I am quite a soubting Thomas and maybe she didn't have Molluscum at all...worth a try, anyway? Good luck.

cornsillk Tue 18-Aug-09 19:10:49

My 2 have both had it. Lasted 18 months approx. We left them alone.

Pollyanna Tue 18-Aug-09 19:11:47

my ds1 has got it. I'm sure I saw a homeopathic remedy on here that people claimed had cured it, but can't remember what it was sorry!

ihatethecold Wed 19-Aug-09 16:49:15

agree with pollyanna
my ds had it a few years ago, i tried a homeopathic remedy and they went fairly quickly, sorry cant remember what it was called

BadgersArse Wed 19-Aug-09 16:56:11

yes they got chicken pox

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 19-Aug-09 17:06:17

DD has got a few on her neck - she is 13 and as such is very embarrassed by them.

Had a session where I scratched them off (helped by a sterilised pin) and out tea tree oil on them. Then covered them with manuka honey overnight. I then gave her homeopathic remedy Thuja. All these ideas I got from MN.

They disappeared after about a fortnight. However, she had had them about a year anyway, and some people think that is about their lifespan and they go on their own eventually.

I had never heard of molluscum until about a year ago. Certainly never had it as a child myself, nor did any of my friends. Seems to have sprung from nowhere.

ihatethecold Wed 19-Aug-09 18:17:39

thuja , thats it, thats what i used ,, well done GOML..

TheDMshouldbeRivened Wed 19-Aug-09 18:19:33

ds's lasted about 18 months I think. I can barely remember to be honest.

cornsillk Wed 19-Aug-09 18:24:16

Yes when did it appear? I also had never heard of it until my kids had it.

stuffitlllama Wed 19-Aug-09 18:26:23


that's it

also have heard liz arden eight hour cream but not used it to that effect myself

comfrey cream is cheaper

Fennel Wed 19-Aug-09 18:29:14

My 3 all had them, they lasted a few months each, then went. dd3's looked horrible, over her torso, but luckily she was only 3-4 and not too bothered by the appearance of them. the ohters had a few. but as far as i can tell there is no cure and they do go away, eventually.

I agree I'd never heard of them til the last couple of years and now most children I know have had them. Like nits, which noone I knew ever had as a child and now everyone has had them, mostly quite a few times.

My mum claims they were never around when we were kids. But if we didn't get them as kids, then presumably we don't have immunity against them and would get them off our own dc?

There were a lot of nits around when I was a kid Fennel. I can remember having to put on that disgusting shampoo grin

Heated Wed 19-Aug-09 20:11:39

DD's and Ds' were popped & squeezed after a warm bath and applied the antibiotic cream from the gp - gp gave antibiotic cream because it became infected. Took about 10 days to clear totally, but significantly better in 4-5 days.

alypaly Wed 02-Sep-09 19:21:57

succesfully got rid of my eldest molluscum and he had over 100 wart like lumps all over his abdomen. Gps gave up but i didnt

LilianGish Wed 02-Sep-09 19:28:22

Tried various things - nothing worked. In the end they went or their oen after 18months (as GP had said they would!) Only dd had them - ds never affected in spite of sharing baths, towels and everything else.

alypaly Wed 02-Sep-09 19:33:55

making them bleed by pricking with a cocktail stick dunked in savlon or dettol triggers them to go red and then they just disappear. It seems trauma makes them erupt and go

alypaly Wed 02-Sep-09 19:36:43

see my post on molluscum warts as to how i got rid of DS1's unsightly molluscum

goreousgirl Thu 03-Sep-09 07:20:12

Really sorry I didn't look for ages!! But THANKYOU for all the advice.

I read on the internet, that if you give elderberry concentrate (from a health food shop) and spray on colloidal silver (again HF shop - v expensive!), they would go - and they have on BOTH kids within 3 weeks. I truly believe it was that. We popped a couple of big ones on ds and that helped too.

The Elderberry improves the immune system, and tastes like Ribena, Colloidal Silver stops the infection spreading - it's like water.

There is hope!

We are Moloscum free now - hurrah!

That Elizabeth Arden cream sounds interesting..!

Thanks again and good luck to future sufferers.

watsthestory Thu 03-Sep-09 07:33:26

Message withdrawn

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