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How long will the teething hell last?

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KiwiPanda Sun 16-Aug-09 11:15:34

Hello, please tell me it's not long sad

DD (8 months) seems to be teething: hand in mouth, rubbing ears, howling in pain, huge amount of dirty nappies. No red cheeks, slightly more drool than usual but not huge amount (though she's never been much of a drooler). Have had doctor check her in case dirty nappies were tummy trouble and that seems fine, he thought teething too.

Last two nights DH and I have probably had 3 hours sleep, just wondering how long it's likely to last (she asks, clutching at straws).

Am trying: homeopathic remedy from Boots (loves it but only lasts seconds!) Calprofen, Bonjela... still seems inconsolable especially at night and will not let me put her down AT ALL in the day.

Any other suggestions? She doesn't seem interested in chilled teething rings though anything else will go in her mouth...

Will she ever sleep again!?

lassmichdochinruhe Sun 16-Aug-09 16:32:25

if she's eating 'proper' solids, will she chew on some cucumber? my dd was also not interested in chilled teething rings, but would chew on bits of cucumber. I have no idea if it was comforting to her, but it kept her occupied.

NanaNina Mon 17-Aug-09 13:19:14

Of course she will! BUT not sure about this just being teething. GPs sometimes miss things and are you sure she doesn't have an ear infection or tonillitis. I'd take her back as this sounds a bit extreme for teething but whatever it is itWILL pass honest and next month you'll be worrying about something else. That's the way it is with children. SORRY to say this but the worries last a lifetime. Welcome to the world of being a mother!

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