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Any thoughts on this?

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blondissimo Fri 14-Aug-09 21:57:35

DS (13 months) was violently sick all Tuesday morning and wouldn't keep anything down. Very distressed and sleepy due to vomiting/mild dehydration. Managed to get some fluids in eventually and he ate a few breadsticks for tea and half a bottle of formula. He hasn't been sick since, but didn't do a poo for a couple of days, then a massive half rock solid/half diarrhoea one (so sorry for the TMIgrin!!)

He has not been sick since Tuesday but is still not right in that he has no appetite, and is eating very little. Tonight I managed to get him to eat some pasta and fruit for tea, but when I tried to give him his bottle at bedtime he wouldn't even touch it. He normally wolfs it down. (though over the past few days he has only been drinking about half)

He also has quite a bloated tummy and feels quite cold to the touch. I know that sometimes if people have a tummy upset they can feel cold as all the blood goes to the tummy, but I guess I am just a little concerned as he doesn't really seem to be improving that much.

Would just be interested to hear anyones views - ie is it just going to take a bit of time or should I be worried?


BuffyTheFluffySlayer Fri 14-Aug-09 22:01:49

When's the last time he pooped?

I would call NHS direct and tell them he has a distended tummy, not taking bottles and is not behaving like his normal self. It sounds like he needs looking at by the out of hours GP to be honest.

I hope he's OK.

blondissimo Fri 14-Aug-09 22:06:34

Thanks, I called them the other day when he was being sick and they said nothing a doctor can do unless he has no wet nappies for 10 hours or more. He is drinking water/juice, just wouldn't touch the milk.

blondissimo Fri 14-Aug-09 22:07:51

Sorry, in answer to your question he last pooed about 2.30pm today.

BuffyTheFluffySlayer Fri 14-Aug-09 22:15:15

dehydration can bung you up (IYKWIM) as there's not enough water to soften the stools, it could be this, I would call NHS direct again though, it could be impacted somewhere, which means it's stuck. It's possible that it's just the after effects of the bug aswell but I think you need to be aware of this as it also needs ruling out by a doctor, do you think he's in pain? To be honest, I don't feel comfortable saying what it could be as I'm not there with you, he would benefit from seeing someone.

blondissimo Sat 15-Aug-09 08:45:50

He seems ok this morn - drank a bottle of weak formula (ie 7oz of water to 5 scoops formula).
Had a very wet nappy also, so I don't think he is dehydrated any longer.
I haven't given him breakfast yet so will see how he gets on - if he is still not hungry then I will call NHS direct again this morning.
Very interesting, but worrying, what you say. I don't think he is in pain, though possibly discomfort.
Thank you for your advice smile.

OnlyWantsOneWantsAnother Sat 15-Aug-09 08:50:13

When adults feel ill, we can go to bed and rest and say no to food - Im really not surprised that this poor little bubba doesn't feel well bless him.

The not drinking too much milk may not be a bad thing, hope he gets well soon x

blondissimo Sat 15-Aug-09 11:33:53

Thanks OnlyWantsOne - I'm just stumped as he seems ok in himself in that he is playing, laughing etc. Doesn't seem abnormally tired anymore but is just really off his food. I'll see how he gets on over the weekend and take him to docs if no improvement by Monday.

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