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anyone with older baby with reflux suffer any complications/illness because of it?

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mad4myboys Thu 13-Aug-09 10:21:06

my almost 9month old ds2 has severe reflux. Is one omperazole,domperidone and docusate and is on neocate. He was seen at evelina hosp monday and they increased the omeperazole. Before i go into along winded story of what is wrong with ds2 just wondered if anyone has heard of reflux causing other stomach problems?

blondissimo Thu 13-Aug-09 13:57:52

Not 100% sure, but my ds has suffered reflux since birth (13mo now), and he gets a lot of tummy bugs/upset tummies. I'm wondering if the two are related?

mad4myboys Thu 13-Aug-09 15:41:36

basically my ds has been badly constipated since hbirth hence the docusate, cant eat any protein foods, wheat and a few other things as gives him chronic wind and cramps. I still have to wind him after a feed, always has bad wind, chokes alot gags alot. He has always gained weight so they havent bothered too much. Has been tested for a few things but come back negative. He isnt improving and the specialist says go back to him end of sep if the increase in omperazole hasnt worked. He wakes alot in the night crying and you can hear his stomach churning and gurgling, isnt hungry. Sleep is very unsettled. REally fed up with it as it affects his personality.

blondissimo Thu 13-Aug-09 18:11:37

Aw, so sorry to hear that mad4. I do worry about my ds too. Always has tummy bugs, sometimes distended tummy - sometimes constipated, sometimes diarrhoea, sometimes he is starving and eats like a horse and other times he just throws all his food on the floor. His sleep is also unsettled.
He is on Nutramigen 2 but no actual meds as gaining weight and the sickness has improved to the point that I can actually go out places without a change of clothes!
I sometimes think, I wonder if there is more too it? But have had him at the GP and paediatrician so many times, I think logically they would have picked up on it by now. He has suspected cow's milk protein intol too. Poor little things sad.

mad4myboys Tue 18-Aug-09 20:13:22


bumping for other opinions?

TheDailyMailHatesWomenAndLemon Tue 18-Aug-09 20:33:03

I can think of two children I know who had reflux through until they were about two. I don't think that in either case there were any other stomach problems -- in one at least the only issue seemed to be convincing GP that, yes, it was possible to have reflux past a year and his refusing to prescribe the drugs that actually worked because he was determined that it was impossible for a 1yo to have reflux was Not At All Helpful.

mad4myboys Wed 19-Aug-09 09:57:57

i can imagine. My 3 yr old ds1 had reflux and on meds until he was 1 although he was ready to come off them.

I just dont know what to do. Have had a 2nd opinion at evalina hosp last week who increased the omeperazole and said he didnt think his reflux was being managed properly and that he'd be better in a week and go back and see them in8 weeks! Well he no better and fighting to get seen before then

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