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Recurrent UTI

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Hyena Wed 12-Aug-09 14:51:35

Hi all,

DD is 3.10 and has had 3 UTIs in the last 12 months. She's currently showing signs of what I suspect is her 4th. We've seen a Consultant and she has had an ultrasound scan which didn't show anything in particular.

I took her to see the GP on Tuesday with a urine sample and explained her history. He didn't even dipstick it, instead deciding to send it off for lab testing and we're not likely to have the results until Monday. He's well known for his contrary attitude!!
She's in a lot of discomfort, urinating too frequently and having lots of accidents (which is very, very unusual).

WWYD? - he won't prescribe anti-b until the results come back on Monday but I'm worried about the infection getting worse and obviously don't want her to suffer any longer than she has to.

Many thanks in advance.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Wed 12-Aug-09 15:00:33

Does she have a fever?

To be honest, an ultrasound will only show the structure of the kidneys and not how they are functioning, if she's having this many UTI's then she needs to have some further tests so I would take a sample with you, go back to the GP and ask for a referal to a paediatrician. Get them to test it there, the GP can ten phone up to see if the results are ready, I don't think the hospital labs leave samples this long either. In the mean time, some ibuprofen should help with the pain (provided she's not asthmatic), keep her drinking to flush them out aswell. Do call the GP if anything changes or you are worried. I really do hope she's feeling better soon.

Hyena Wed 12-Aug-09 15:08:55

Thanks for your reply, FluffyBunny.

She feels slightly warmer than normal but doesn't appear to have a fever. We're waiting to see her Consultant again (no appointment as yet) to discuss the ultrasound results. He was very supportive during the last visit and I imagine he'll be keen to do some further testing.

The same GP is on all week and I've had lots of problems with him in the past. He won't prescribe antib until the lab results come back - I'm wondering whether to take her to out of hours this evening instead?

She's drinking plenty of fluids and has been taking Calpol too.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Wed 12-Aug-09 15:17:16

If you phone the consultant's secretary then you can get the appointment brought forward.

You could try the out of hours later though, it is standard practice with some GP's to wait for the urine sample to be tests to make sure it's an infection, it will also identify which antibiotics will get rid of the bug as they will do tests to find out which one works the best. They don't like handing out antibiotics without test results because of the possibility of drug resistance.

Hyena Wed 12-Aug-09 19:17:15

Sorry for late reply. I'll try and contact him tomorrow. He mentioned that the next step would be to run a dye through her hand and into her kidneys to check that all parts of both kidneys were working.
She's only had antibs 3 times in her life and all due to urine infection. I phoned GP today and was told results would be back and looked at on Friday (at the earliest). Really hope she doesn't have to suffer all weekend - especially because we're going away on Monday.
Thanks, Fluffy.

bubblepop Wed 12-Aug-09 22:57:13

i would't giver her ibuprofen,you don't know if there is actually anything wrong with the kidney at this point, potentially could be damaging if it turns out there is.stick with calpol.

Hyena Thu 13-Aug-09 16:27:31

Thanks bubblepop. Have only been sticking with calpol.
Took her to GP again this pm and saw a different one. He tested her urine (sample from today) and it was relatively clear of infection - maybe because I've flushed her kidneys so much in last few days? He prescribed antibs because of continuing symptoms but we should get lab results back either tomorrow or Monday. GP said he would write to her consultant even though she will be seeing him again in a few weeks.

jetcat32 Thu 13-Aug-09 20:31:39

hope shes ok hyena. My DD had frequent UTIs, and various versions of the dye scan you mentioned (though she is a fair bit older than your DD). She was eventually diagnosed with kidney reflux, which fluffy is right - wont show up on an ultrasound. When DD2 had to be tested, as it runs in families, they did an ultrasound on her (she is 2) and the radiographer explained that when reflux is present, the kidney looks mishapen, kind of like a balloon ready to burst.

So maybe if your DDs ultrasound didnt show anything she may not have it? Mind, i'm not a professional or anything, and have no idea about other things that can cause the UTIs, i just know how awful it is to watch your child experience them frequently.

Hope the lab results give you some answers

Hyena Thu 13-Aug-09 20:48:13

Thanks jetcat. The consultant did mention kidney reflux and it's not too long before our next appointment.
We're expecting DC2 in October so I may ask the consultant - 20 week scan showed no problems with kidneys (neither did DDs). Best result will be if there are no problems for either of them.
Hopefully the antibs will start to kick in now - she seems to be crying less today when passing urine. Am wondering if a) there is no infection b)the excessive fluids I've forced down her this week have cleared it OR c) whether the pro-biotic she takes has made a difference. Should have lab results back tomorrow and get some answers.

Hyena Fri 14-Aug-09 13:05:17

Urine results are back. She does have an infection. Hopefully she's on the right antib to get rid of it.

jetcat32 Mon 17-Aug-09 21:28:40

fingers crossed hyena.

My DD wasnt diganosed with reflux till she was 1, by which time there was some damage to her kidney, so hopefully they should test and spot any potential problems with your DD early enough to prevent further trouble.

Hope she is ok

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