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Oh, I don't believe it - Hand Foot and Mouth AGAIN?

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MamaGoblin Tue 11-Aug-09 19:22:23

DS first had this nasty virus when he was 7 months, and was really quite ill with a very high temp, extremely sore, ulcerated throat and off his food and milk for days. (Then I got it, as severely. It was horrible. sad)

A few months ago, he showed all the signs of having it again, but less severely - didn't have as high a temperature, but had a few blisters on his toes this time.

And now at 17 months, he's been off-colour a day or two, and today I saw that he has a massive ulcer on his tongue - it literally takes up half of the front of his tongue. sad He's been refusing pretty much all food, wants to BF all the time, and is grumpy as hell. I thought this was all just down to having the mother of all mouth ulcers, but checking his feet, he has two blisters identical to the ones he (and I) had before. And pimple-like spots on his bottom, which can be part of it, apparently. We're Calpoling him up...

Has anyone else experienced this more than once? The GP last time was a bit hmm, even after admitting that his foot blisters were very like HFM. You're not meant to get it more than once!

Wallace Tue 11-Aug-09 20:15:36

I read you can get it more than once because several different viruses can cause HFM.

MamaGoblin Tue 11-Aug-09 20:36:52

Really? That'd make sense. I was wondering, because apparently HFM is in the same virus family as chickenpox and herpes, and both of those can zip up your nerve endings and come and get you at a later date, if you're run down.

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