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When did your DC get their teeth?

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BikeRunSki Tue 11-Aug-09 08:27:05

DS is 11 months old and has no teeth. Not a sausage. He is the only baby, about his age, who I know who has no teeth. Even those that I think of as "much" younger than him are now getting teeth. I am getting paranoid that he won't get any!

Jojay Tue 11-Aug-09 08:28:02

DS1 7 months.

Ds2 nearly 10 months and no teeth yet

justaphase Tue 11-Aug-09 08:30:52

My MIL loves telling the story of how she took my DH to the doctor when he turned 1 and did not have a single tooth.

Doctor laughed them out of the room. He said "You crazy woman, have you seen a grown man without teeth?".

DH eventually got his first tooth a month later. Now he has them all.

turtle23 Tue 11-Aug-09 08:32:12

DS got first ones at about 13-14 weeks. Count yourself lucky! They all do things at different ages and 11 months is totally normal to still be toothless.

mankyscotslass Tue 11-Aug-09 08:49:06

DS1 5 1/2 mths

DD 11 1/2 mths for 1st one then nothing for another 3 months.

DS2 10 months

HSMM Tue 11-Aug-09 09:04:41

DD - 13 months

TheInvisibleManDidIt Tue 11-Aug-09 09:27:04

ds1 13months
ds2 14 months

ivy30 Tue 11-Aug-09 12:27:48

15 months, but then they started to appear one by one and did not cause any discomfort at all.

thatsnotmymonster Tue 11-Aug-09 12:31:26

All 3 were over 11mths.

DD2 is now 15mo and has about 5 or 6.

spinspinsugar Tue 11-Aug-09 12:33:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hanaflower Tue 11-Aug-09 12:35:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pigleychez Tue 11-Aug-09 18:43:17

Im in exactly the same boat. DD is 12mths and nothing!! Hes not alone! [Grin]

I still have some Baby teeth at 28!!

BikeRunSki Tue 11-Aug-09 22:40:17

Thank you ladies, I am reassured that there is not an underworld of child dentures that I don't know about! Thank you Justaphase, your MIL's GP made me chuckle!
Pigley Wow ! I have no Wisdom teeth at 30something,maybe we are just not toothy people! Gummy smile to you.

Horton Tue 11-Aug-09 22:55:48

I didn't have a tooth in my head until 16 months, do I win? My brother was fifteen months younger than me and got his teeth early so we teethed together! That must have been fun for my mother...

Apparently I ate steak without teeth, so not having them didn't slow me down!

I also have no wisdom teeth. In fact, an X ray a few years back revealed that I literally have none at all, not just that they haven't come through. I like to think of it as being on a higher plane of evolution. grin

BikeRunSki Fri 14-Aug-09 22:21:53

Horton - wisdom teeth - me too, they are just not there. We are very evolved.

But - big news - DS's first tooth arrived last night. I was about to go out and DH came running down the stairs shouting "A tooth, a tooth, he just bit me!".

Horton Wed 19-Aug-09 16:44:46


twopeople Sat 05-Sep-09 12:38:39

Message withdrawn

nvj Sat 05-Sep-09 13:11:56

one of my twin daughters didn't get her first tooth til she was 15 mths and i had phoned the dentist when she was 1 as i was worried! the dentist said it was fine and she would probably just get her adult teeth later aswell...
don't worry your DS will get them eventually!!

NeverLeapfrogOverAUnicorn Sat 05-Sep-09 13:14:38

ds1 was practically born teething! and cut his first tooth on my nipple when he was only a month or 2 old! That was such a shock I can tell you!

I have a photo of ds2 taken at about 3 months old and he has a wide grin and 2 dinky teeth.

So mine I guess are quite early!!

BikeRunSki Sun 13-Sep-09 14:58:49

Panic over! A month later, and he's got 6!

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