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Hand foot and mouth - what is the policy re playgroups etc?

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Holymoly321 Mon 10-Aug-09 16:26:41

3.5yr old DS1 and 20mthold DS2 have been diagnosed today with Hand foot and mouth. DS1 has had spots for about a few days (thought at first they were just bites as we'd been rolling around the garden!), DS2 spots came up yesterday and he now has ulcers on his tongue poor bub. How long do i need to keep them away from playgroups / other kids? Researching health sites has given differing advice - some say no need to keep them away at all, and others say up to 7 days! They don't have temps and I was due to look after a friends little boys on Wednesday as she is moving house!

teamcullen Mon 10-Aug-09 16:52:53

your best to get in touch with the nursery and ask them what their policy is, as they will have to go by the what the enviromental health advise. They will also have to inform parents there has been outbreak in the nursery.

My little boy had this and I went of the Information I was given by NHS Direct, I let my little boy return to school after 5 days when the spots had dried out. The next thing I got a phone call from the school to pick him up and they insisted I kept him off for 7 days.

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