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Thin hair in toddlers + flat head syndrome

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Dani1 Mon 10-Aug-09 14:33:00


My DS just turned two and has really thin / fine hair.

He had "positional plagiocephaly" (flat head syndrome) at six months old caused by sleeping too much on one side - so DH and I put him in a corrective helmet for five months to even out the appearance of his head.

That has improved the flattening quite a bit but now I'm terrified it's affected his hair growth.

The hair on top of his head is slightly thicker - but everywhere the helmet covered (sides and back) the hair is very thin.

All his friends have such lovely thick hair and I'm really worried his will stay thin and fine and never grow properly. sad

Any views or thoughts would be really welcome.



Gleno Mon 10-Aug-09 18:35:06

Hi Dani, my LO is currently in a helmet due to severe flat head and his hair really has grown on top since the helmet has been on (and it sprouts through the little hole at the top!) I don't think the helmet would slow down the growth to be honest; I know alot of people call the helmets 'greenhouses for hair'! It may just be that your DS hair is taking it's time to thicken all over and because he's had a helmet you immediately think that's the reason for it not growing. I know with other things such as waking in the night etc that I've thought it was the helmet, when in actual fact it's been coincidence I'm sure.

Try to think that although his hair is still slightly fine in places, I bet he has a wonderful head shape now and you've done your best for him by getting him the helmet in the first place. I'm sure in time his hair will thicken all over and he'll look even more gorgeous and not only have a lovely head shape but a full head of hair too!


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