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Cranky baby!

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chuchi Sun 09-Aug-09 20:41:50

Hi - wondering if anyone can help. DS1 (now 8 weeks) generally strong boy that feeds, sleeps and puts weight on well however been a fairly wingey/cranky effectively since day 1. Poor little thing had inguinal hernia and we think a mild case of reflux. Hernia was operated on few days ago - Wednesday - all went fine. We were hoping this would be end of the consistent crying but to no avail - its worse now - sleep is not becoming more inconsistent, ferocity of crying stepping up and now starting to properly vomit up feeds. He is fed by mixture of formula and breast milk (via bottle). Have tried ranitidine and donperidone for past 10 days but if anything he seems worse! Assuming this is simply reflux? Is it just a case of trying a different combination of medicines? At wits end but appreciate things could be a lot worse...just want to catch them before they do get worse!

thisisyesterday Sun 09-Aug-09 20:54:03

my baby was remarkably similar sounding!
turned out he was intolerant to dairy and egg. as soon as i cut both out of my diet he was much, much, much better.

obv this could be more difficult for you as you are also giving formula, but def something to thin kabout imo

chuchi Sun 09-Aug-09 21:55:53

Thanks very much - definitely something to implement - can't cause any harm!

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