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calpol with tixylix

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FrostyTheSnowgirl Fri 07-Aug-09 19:59:36

quick question does anyone know if they can be taken together, my ds is crawling the walls in pain is knackered and can't sleep for coughing

FrostyTheSnowgirl Fri 07-Aug-09 20:01:40

oh - he's nearly 3.......

Stinkyfeet Fri 07-Aug-09 20:08:26

I'm almost positive you can. If you can find the number for a late-opening chemist, ring the pharmacist to double check.

mumandlovingit Fri 07-Aug-09 20:12:13

check your tixylix box, mine hasn't got paracetamol in, if yours hasn't then yes they can be taken together. we have always been told to spread the doses apart, paracetamol, then few hours later tixylix then paracetamol again etc.

if your child has a high temp then ibuprofen can also be given but again, spread the doses out and do not take more than the max amount allowed within 24 hours.tixylix is normally just sudafed (pseudoephedrine) and an antihistamine (chlorphenamine) and a cough suppresent either pholcodine or guifenesin. please do check your box though and my spellings!

hope your little one gets better soon

FrostyTheSnowgirl Fri 07-Aug-09 20:20:03

oh thank u so much, im at the end of my tether having to watch him writhe around the bed poor soul, i just want him to be able to have a good night's sleep xxx

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