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Sudden onset of eczema?

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SleepWhenImDead Fri 07-Aug-09 17:55:42

19 MO DS had a red spotty rash underneath his arms 2 weeks ago and it got progressively worse until I took him to a doctor and she said it looked like eczema, and prescribed some steroid cream. However I'm concerned why the rash is there if it is eczema, plus I know that steroid creams are pretty strong. I have mild eczema but have never had it as bad as he's got under his arms, with that yellowy bloody look to it. What could have flared it up- something in his diet? Up til now he's had amazingly soft skin.

elmofan Fri 07-Aug-09 18:09:36

ah your poor ds sad eczema can flare up in the joints as underarms would be sweaty it can bring the eczema out , there is no proof that a change of diet will make any difference to eczema unfortunately , the yellowy skin you describe could mean the eczema might have become infected , he might need an antibiotic . have you tried AVEENO
moisturiser yet ? i use that on dd (3) its great ,

SleepWhenImDead Sat 08-Aug-09 10:43:09

There's a line of blood in one of his armpit creases now Really hope this is not eczema. Will try Aveeno, I've heard the E45 he's been prescribed might not be that good for his skin either. Has anyone else had this flare up out of nowhere?

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