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Bad Breath!!!

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Ria79 Wed 05-Aug-09 23:08:27

My DS2 is 9 months old and his breath is awful sad

He's not got any teeth yet so i'm wondering if it could be sign.

DS1 didn't have any symptoms of teething - they just appeared so this bit is new to me!!!

He eats a healthy balanced diet (in fact he'll eat anything lol) and drinks plenty of water / juice along with his pint of formula a day (he's very text book on that side lol)

I make all his meals and puddings.

Any suggestions?

My FIL said he could have a tummy upset which would explain the wind but then he's always been "windy".

hairymelons Wed 05-Aug-09 23:16:42

My 13mo son gets bad breath with an upset stomach. I'd ask the GP in case it's a digestive thingummy.

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