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Normal or not... 1yr old with no teeth yet.

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pigleychez Wed 05-Aug-09 22:22:15

My DD has just turned One and has no teeth at all yet with no signs of anything coming at all.

All her friends the same age and younger have huge mouth fulls and poor DD is still gummy!
It doesnt stop her chatting away and scoffing down her food but obviously it would be easier with teeth.

At what age should I be worried? Im sure they will come eventually but I have visions of her starting school still gummy!

penona Wed 05-Aug-09 22:47:48

My DS was 15 mths when his first tooth came, his twin sister was 12 months. Then they all came together and they now have as many as other kids their age, if not more! (They are 2 now). I have no idea at what age you should 'worry' but there's not alot you can do to hurry it along I don't think!! At least you don't have the nightmare of brushing them.....

madrush Wed 05-Aug-09 22:48:59

I know at least two babies who were toothless on first birthday. It's just one of those things that varies hugely.

Hassled Wed 05-Aug-09 22:50:17

None of mine had teeth at one. And then they lost their milk teeth correspondingly later than their peers as well. It's fine.

pigleychez Wed 05-Aug-09 22:54:56

Hassled- Im not suprised really as at 28 I still have a couple of baby teeth.. one being a top canine.

Guess thats another thing she gets from Mummy. (she is the spit of me!)

Guess her time will come.

Friendlypizzaeater Wed 05-Aug-09 23:00:57

My DS was 15 months when he cut his teeth, then cut his back teeth first. Now nearly seven he hasn't lost any yet either.

Dentist says its a good thing.

TheGashlycrumbTinies Wed 05-Aug-09 23:15:40

DD1 was 15 months before she had any teeth, has just lost her first one aged 6.5.

YouNeverCanTell Fri 07-Aug-09 08:47:27

Both mine were toothless at one and also later to lose milk teeth than their peers. Our dentist also agreed this was not a bad thing, at all as by the time they have their permanent teeth it's easier to make sure they and we clean them properly.

teamcullen Fri 07-Aug-09 08:54:55

Cant remember what age mine got their first teeth but DS1 didnt lose any of his baby teeth until he was 9. He is 10.7 now and has only lost about 6 teeth. The dentist isnt too concerned though.

sarah293 Fri 07-Aug-09 09:03:56

Message withdrawn

trace2 Fri 07-Aug-09 09:18:32

ds got his first at 18 months now seven not lost any yet! dd2 got hers at 20 months still only got 8 at 26 months.

RedDeadFail Fri 07-Aug-09 09:21:23

It runs in families. Nobody in our family has teeth until past 12 months.

By 18 months they should start with their first but even at that age some children have none.

Absolutely normal.

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