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Gluten challenge

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howcanidothis Mon 03-Aug-09 11:10:34

Has anyone done this with their child? We have been doing it for six weeks and I am in tears all the time. DS1 is a suspected coeliac, and we need to have a biopsy done to prove that this is the case.

We started off well, I bought him lots of different things and reassured him that it was just a test, but he will only eat pasta and "eggy toast" now. He point blank refuses to eat sandwiches, crackers, biscuits, cake, pizza,crumpets, potato cakes, I have literally tried everything, and I'm worried that I won't have got enough gluten into him by the time we do the biopsy which will then give an inconclusive result.

He has been sick a couple of times during the period, but I'm convinced it's in his head, as he will eat pasta with gluten in, just not very much else. Realistically I can't just give him that every day for the next six weeks can I ?

Any tips would be gratefully received.

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